Site Map for the Virginia Hills Web Site

Our Community

Home – Home page with notification of the next Citizens Association meeting date and speaker.

About Va Hills – General information about the neighborhood and surrounding area: government; businesses, schools, churches; transportation; utilities; parks and recreation; shopping and dining out.

New Resident's Guide – This packet is provided to new residents of Virginia Hills and contains additional information about the community, the surrounding area, and applicable ordinances and zoning regulations.

Map – Street map of Virginia Hills.

History – A history of Virginia Hills from the mid-1700s to the present.

Street Signs – A detailed history of how Virginia Hills got its street signs in 1960.

Past Presidents – A chronological list of all past Association presidents.

Why Did VHCA Go Inactive in 1985? – A detailed history of why the Association went inactive from 1985 to 1991.

How the Association Was Reactivated in 1991 – A detailed history of how the Association was reactivated in 1991 and who was involved.

Playground – Information and pictures of the Virginia Hills playground near the old school.

Swim Club – Information on the Virginia Hills Swim Club including membership information.

Old School – Historical and current information on the former Virginia Hills Elementary School, now a Fairfax County Public Schools administrative center.

Problem Help – Contact information for County and State agencies as well as all elected officials from the local to the national level.

Citizens Association

Calendar – Calendar of Association meetings and events for the current year.

Membership Info – Information on the benefits of joining the Association and details on how to join.

Membership Form – Fill out, print, and mail this form to join the Association.

Officers – Pictures of and contact information on current Association officers.

The Echo – General information page for The Virginia Hills Echo, the Association's newsletter published five times a year. It contains copy and advertising deadlines, advertising rates, and advertising guidelines.

Most recent Echo – Link to the text of all articles in the most recent Echo. No advertisements.

View from the Hills Articles – Link to the current and archived home repair articles by Doug Boulter that appear in the Echo.

Previous Echo – Link to the text of all articles in the previous Echo. No advertisements.

Bylaws – The current Association bylaws.

Budget – The approved budget for the Association for the current fiscal year.

Minutes – Depending on the date, either the approved minutes from two Association meetings ago or the unofficial minutes of the most recent meeting.