Membership Information

Why be a member?

Your membership dues go to support the activities of the Association. These have included the lighting of our community sign, contributions toward the playground, printing The Echo, conducting home tours, and mailing information to members. In the past, the Association's contribution resulted in the adding of a swing set to the playground and the landscaping of a traffic island. Future plans include re-lighting the Virginia Hills sign and landscaping additional street islands in the community. All of these things cost the Association money. You can see the current budget for the Association here.

Perhaps more importantly, however, the voice of our Association is heard by politicians and County officials in proportion to our membership. The more members we have, the louder our (and your) voice is heard in getting things done and improving our community.

Only members may vote at Association meetings. If you want a voice in what we do, you'll want to join.

Finally, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to maintain the vitality of our Association and helping to improve the quality of life in Virginia Hills.

OK, how do I join?

It's even easier than ever. Click the button below to make your payment! Our annual fee is $11.34 per household, which includes the dues of $11 plus a few cents to cover Paypal fees. We welcome donations of all sizes! A household is a group of related people living under one roof. Membership runs from September 1st through August 31st. You have the option of setting your payment to recur yearly so your membership never expires.

If you would rather not pay online, you can print out a copy of this form and mail it in with your check.

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