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In an effort to keep our neighborhood students busy during the summer months and to foster a sense of community, the VHCA is developing an Odd Job List. Students of VHCA member families are welcome to complete this form with their contact information and Odd Job services (examples- babysitting, lawn mowing, raking of leaves) or opportunity to earn community service hours. This list will be posted to the VHCA website and Facebook group beginning in June 2021 for Virginia Hills families to reference whenever an Odd Job arises. Unless otherwise noted, all information gathered below will be available to all members of the public on the VHCA website. We may promote the Odd Job List via social media, emails, and newsletters. If you have questions, please email with Odd Jobs in the subject line.

Please complete the form to sign up!

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Next VHCA Meeting:

Thursday, April 14, 2022 – 7:30 PM

All VHCA meetings are moved online until further notice. Zoom links will be posted on our facebook page and emailed to members.

We are setting up a Neighbor to Neighbor initiative to support community members in Virginia Hills during this pandemic (and beyond). There are a wide variety of tasks you could help with - grocery shopping, mowing, raking, calling an isolated person to prevent loneliness, playing music, and much more! All volunteer tasks are done at your convenience. To volunteer or ask for help, see more information here.

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