Halloween 2020

Guidelines for Halloween 2020

The VHCA is encouraging socially distanced sidewalk Trick-or-Treat setups with commercially sealed goodies on tables set up at the end of the driveway or at the edge of your lawn starting at 5:30 p.m. Residents who wish to see the kids can set up a chair at least 6 feet back. If you provide a candy basket or bowl that kids will be reaching into, please consider providing hand sanitizer.

As usual, if you'll have candy out, please leave your lights on. If you will not have candy out, please leave your lights off.

We kindly request that families who choose to go out do not go up driveways or knock on doors. If you see a family at the house ahead of you, please wait until they have moved on to allow social distancing.

More Neighborhood Fun

We have provided albums on our Facebook page for virtual costume and outdoor decorating contests. To enter, simply post a photo in the appropriate album. Winners will be determined by the number of “likes” the photo receives by Nov. 2 at noon. Also, a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt form is posted for kids to enjoy on neighborhood walks throughout the month.

Halloween Food Truck Event

The Virginia Hills Pool and the Virginia Hills Citizens Association are happy to announce a Halloween Food Truck Event with Rocklands Barbeque. A copy of the menu can be found below.

NOTE: There is NO PARKING at the Pool. The event will only allow pedestrians. Also, for safety reasons, all participants are asked to wear masks and maintain social distancing.